Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Interesting, that's a good word to describe the experience of last night. After talking and building up a profile of me we never actually got as far as reflexology stuff which I was expecting. Instead he used a mix of Reiki and Head Massage which left me totally relaxed (which was very nice). And then a spot of thought exercises and working on accupressure points which I can try myself if I get stressed out. I am going again next week, but don't plan to go every week as it will be too expensive. Hopefully once a month or something just to keep me in balance.

Which is pretty hard at this very moment. With only a few hours to the interviews I am pretty much resigned to accepting the worst now as further study of the job descriptions does point in that direction. I have a big list of stroppy questions I want answered before I'm prepared to leave the room though - I can't see it happening but it might just possibly give them cause to think again. Yeah, and pigs might fly etc. So now I just feel sick and nervous and tense and want to be anywhere else but here. I know whatever happens I won't be worse off for now, but I can see that at some point the gap between senior and normal levels will increase and why should I be the one to get left behind? And it is all mostly change for change's sake, which winds me up all the more.

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