Thursday, August 15, 2002

Calmed down a bit now but still feel very down and pissed off by the whole affair. I think it helps a bit that Gary has gone off on his holiday and that I had a couple of visitors yesterday to distract me, but it was still a pretty hard day to get through. Especially when the email announcing our results came through saying I was "successful" in getting the PTO post. Oh, great, so staying in my current job while everyone else goes up is a success now is it! I also made sure I left early with the excuse of delivering my newsletters to Park & Ride just to get away from it all.

Back to some sort of normality today, but still glad of excuses to get out for a breather from everyone else. Only trouble with that is where these trips take me. This morning's was to the bus station to deliver some temporary timetables to get around the problems due in Aldeburgh on Monday because of the carnival (And tomorrow I will be out of the office putting up the bus stops for this variation, and Tuesday to take them down again). Trouble was on the way back I got sucked in to Cash Convertors and ended up buying the three Robocop films on dvd. A nice box set, but I wish they'd do these things properly. As is the case with the Superman 1/2 set film 1 has full Dolby 5.1 surround, loads of extras and commentary while the sequels merely get Dolby 2.1 surround and no goodies. I like my loud explosions and dvd extras...

Joan and Helen went bingoing again last night (no winnings, don't know why they bother) so I was left to mope about. Tried a spot of ironing (well, I needed some shirts) but it was just so hot I gave up when I had enough to last the week out. And I only managed to squeeze in enough time on the PC to check for emails too. Did finish the Game On book though.

Although I've not mentioned it, I have still been getting through a reasonable amount of music this week. Both in car and at home, comprising:

Dire Straits - Communique and Making Movies (both on 1 minidisc)
Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
OPM - Menace To Sobriety (a very rude bunch of boys)
The eponymous first Orbital and Elvis Presley albums
Lothlorien - Ghostwood

This afternoon we have a site meeting at London Road Park & Ride to see if we can beef up the security a bit after an incident a couple of weeks ago. Not sure if there is much else we can do (and afford) but it will keep everyone happy if we at least take a look.

Think I'll have some lunch now as I need to go out again before the meeting to take some stuff back to the library.

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