Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Hoorah, I've finally managed to get this PC to accept that I am who I am and remember me for Blogger! Don't have to sign in every day now...

So, I got Tomb Raider installed and it all plays much as it ought to - except for one little snag. What's the point in me having a gamepad with half a billion buttons and things on it if the darn game will only recognise 4 of them? I reckon I can configure it to give a usable combination, but most irritating nonetheless. Did actually whip off the first level while I was getting sorted with controls and detail levels and other configuration options so I might be getting number two sooner than I thought!

Been thinking about it and realised I've been playing games on various systems for over 20 years now. Which is a bit scary! We started with the Sinclair ZX81 and moved on the the Spectrum, Atari ST and now PC. Plus I bought a Sega Megadrive and Atari Lynx and my brother currently has Nintendo 64 and Gameboy Advance, Atari Jaguar, Sony Playstation and Sega Dreamcast. So quite a bit of variety! I've not been a fanatical player since the Spectrum really - I tend to get bored with things pretty quickly if I'm not doing too well and can't be bothered to persevere with them. In fact, thinking about it, Tomb Raider is the only game with an ending (rather than just increasing difficulty or faster tracks or whatever) I've actually stuck with and completed since the Speccy days. Not sure why it grabbed me the way it did - probably just being very good and pitched at the right difficulty level. Of course, it was during the 12 weeks I had off work back in '98 when I borrowed the Playstation to stop me going too mad so I had the time to get involved for a change, so that might also have been a factor cos I also went a fair distance into Doom as well at the time. Anyway, enough of this waffle, time to see if I have anything work-ish to do today. Will probably waffle on about games again later today or tomorrow, thinking back to some all-time enjoyable ones.

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