Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Hee, hee, hee. Some times patience can be rewarded! About this time last year we got approached with an offer we really couldn't refuse to put an advert for Park & Ride in someone elses car park in Ipswich at a ridiculously low price. Naturally we accepted and after several checks that the car park people wouldn't mind it all went ahead and got put up. Then their area manager saw it and went rather ballistic at the ad agency (can't say I blame him) who promptly covered it over and gave us our money back.

Today the cover up ad has gone and ours is back on view. So more free advertising. Wonder how long it will last for this time. I have managed to get a photo now, though, so at least we will have some record of our non-investment. Oh, that has put the smile back on my face :-)

Back to the topic in hand, I do still enjoy the odd blast of Sonic the Hedgehog (and 2 & 3) on the megadrive, but that was also when my attention span dropped off a bit. Probably because the games are available so quickly rather than waiting ages for them to load off tape on the Spectrum it doesn't seem so vital to stick with something once it is in use. I dunno. Might go back to talking sense tomorrow.

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