Monday, February 25, 2002

Where does the time go? Not sure about Friday but I do know what happened to the weekend - the planned trip to London got put off due to painful foot problems still for Joan and I ended up painting the spare bedroom. Glossing tonight! And all so that we can do our bedroom. I'll work out the logic of that some day I swear.

Anyway, in London tomorrow to pick up my Charter Mark so won't be writing anything then either.

Currently listening to some Blink 182 I borrowed from the library this lunchtime. Short & sharp songs, just what I like at the moment.

Looking back, we did indeed have a nice meal at the pub (mmm, I could eat that lamb again right now) and very reasonably priced too. Then my folks came round to throw presents at me (well, you know what I mean) - Clangers on DVD now! Friday I have no real recollection of at all then painting. So that's me up to date with nothing really deep or meaningful to say. So what's new?

Will try again on wednesday!

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