Wednesday, February 27, 2002

All in all, that was quite a good little presentation/ceremony thing. I didn't fall asleep, the food was good, I was forced to travel first class with reserved seats and I got to pose with the award rather than someone who hadn't done all the work and was merely senior. Also met a few people from other councils who want to use our Park & Ride as a model for theirs, so much kudos all round. And I got a kiss off our assessor while the director didn't. Ha ha ha.

I also had a bit of free time to wander about, but the London Transport shop at 55 Broadway was shut for refurbishment and then it started raining, so I came home comfortably early instead.

Today seems to have been a mad scramble to catch up on yesterday and get ready for not being in the office again this week. Hopefully I can do some real work next week. I did manage to get to the Library though at lunch time, so now have a Chemical Brothers and a Placebo to listen to. And there was a CD on the fornt of Kerrang so I bought that as well. Used to get it every week back in the early - mid '90s but then marriage and mortgage intervened so now it needs a real incentive or a band I've actually heard of to ensure that purchase. Reort to follow when ears have ben abused (and not listened to the birthday stuff yet - still - due to lack of time.

London again for tomorrow, no first class travel but we are meeting Claire from Norfolk CC on the train so a good time will still be had! Report on that plus Friday in Colchester next time!

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