Wednesday, February 20, 2002

I was right, hurt like Hades. And no actual treatment carried out either - just measurements of how deep my pockets are (in both senses cos its going to cost nearly 80 quid by the end of the treatment) - little needles poked in six times around each tooth. OK to start with but got a bit tedious by the 30th tooth, and ached all day! Never mind.

Joan came into Ipswich to spend money on me today, so we met for lunch, which was nice. After I'd given her a few ideas for other things I'd quite like I had a major greed-related guilt trip and tried to get her to take them back. I don't think it worked but I've calmed down again so am not feeling so put-out now. Why can't I just accept that people like me? Especially my own wife.

Oh, and on the Martians front, have now decided that I wouldn't want to have read the stories as part of the main text as (a) they are not all from the same "reality" and (b) they feature other characters who have no other place in the main narrative which was spread over enough people as it was. Still very enjoyable though and giving a new slant on some aspects of the story.

Time to go home now, so next entry will be on my birthday....(that's tomorrow!)...

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