Monday, February 18, 2002

Hurdie Ho!

Weekend seemed to go in a flash. I did get online for a while, but not long enough to add anything here so...

Doctor did the trick, and I've now cut the meds in half again. So hopefully a couple more months and I can come off them completely. OK, so I seem to be brewing a bit of a cold at the moment, but otherwise feeling pretty darn good. And the sun is shining too so with any luck I'll get to go out for a wander in it shortly.

Finally got round to starting a new book - The Martians by Kim Stanley Robinson. Having recently finished the main mars trilogy I was looking forward to this as I didn't want to reach the end of that. They were quite deep in some places (a bit too much science and not enough story perhaps) but I still wanted every page to be a few words longer. So the chance to fill in some of the gaps in the narrative is quite nice. I wonder what the overall result would have been if these "leftover" bits had simply been inserted into the main trilogy and that extended. Anyway, let it just be said for now that I am enjoying catching up on bits of the "past" that were only hinted at before.

Didn't actually listen to any coherent whole albums over the weekend. Music mainly came from the assorted appropriate channels on tv, although many of the tracks encountered that way were archived to mini-disc so will get listened to again soon. I used to be a real addict for new bands, but then had a period of no spare cash and no spare time and no decent radio stations to find them and just enjoyed what I had. But getting the sky dish has really fired my imagination again. Everywhere I turn there are bands I've vaguely heard of but not experienced before and I'm finding I like them all. Which is good in the short term but could damage the wallet eventually!

Right, now for a walk in the sun.

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