Friday, February 28, 2014


I'm sure somebody out there can dig up statistics to show it doesn't rain more at lunchtimes than during the rest of the working day, but it sure seems that way to me right now. Not that I had any pressing need for a lunchtime wander today, I just like to get away from the office for a bit if possible. And yes, I could wrap up and go out anyway, but the thought of spending the afternoon with slowly drying trousers doesn't appeal somehow.

Hopefully the weekend will have some bright spots.

Last weekend was lovely. The combination of a few days off, sunshine and my Birthday seems more than a week in the past though. Time, it would seem, flies just as fast when at work as when you are having fun, no matter how much individual minutes seem to drag on.

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Izzy said...

Somebody did do some weather research and found it is more likely to be sunny on a Monday than on a Saturday. They postulated that this was because less people were driving over the weekend, so the dust and pollution cleared from the air over the weekend, making it more likely for Monday to be clear. I thought the research was interesting, but am not sure I sign up to their explanation.