Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Phone call of the day.

"Hello, Passenger Transport, can I help you?"

"Yes, can you check if a Renault Megane reg ******* is in one of your Park & Ride car parks?  Only my husband drove in to Ipswich yesterday, did some shopping then came home on the bus.  And he can't remember where he's left the car."

"OK, can you give me your details so I can get int ouch with the sites then call you back?"

"I've been through his pockets twice, but can't find any clues and he can't remember if he got a bus in or drove all the way.  And he forgot to get me any shampoo."

"Your name and phone number please...?"

Needless to say we didn't have their car.  I wonder where it was.

1 comment:

Izzy said...

Oh dear.... sounds like somebody's husband may be in the early stages of dementia :-(