Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The House In The Clouds

Things I like in Suffolk 2

Originally built as a Water Tower - the land owner chose this design as he didn't want an ugly edifice on his seaside estate - this is now holiday accommodation and by all accounts comes highly recommended. Thorpeness is a lovely little seaside village anyway, with the Meare to offer calmer waters for boating and one or two delightful little shops, but this place just makes it even more delightful. You can see it from miles around when approaching the village, but it is nicely tucked away in the trees away from the main drag for that added touch of seclusion. Plus there is also a well-restored windmill just across the path which was originally there to pump the water up in the first place.

I'm not sure I'd want to live there all the time, but should several gazillion pounds fall into my lap and enable a Grand Design type dream house, it would definitely have to have a tower or turret of some description. An elevated Library to look out on the world from, enabling flights of fancy or warm seclusion whatever the weather.

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John Medd said...

Now this I have to see; unlike last week's bus shelter!

I really must come over to Suffolk and do the whole Dad's Army thing.