Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How can this be true?

So yesterday I changed the first digit of my age again. Sure doesn't seem like 10 years since the last time that happened. Been spoilt rotten over the whole weekend with some lovely meals, top presents and lots of time with MrsB.

And no, my teeth haven't fallen out, I've not gone grey (well, greyer) overnight and my knees still work.

So, now life can really begin as they say.


Ishouldbeworking said...

Hey, congratulations! Forty is a breeze. But enjoy this decade, it'll go faster than any you've known. And cherish your knees.

Cocktails said...

Happy Birthday Simon. It sounds like you had a lovely spoilt weekend.

But isn't time meant to slow down as you get older? I hope so anyway - where is all that time going?!

Dan Worth said...

Happy Birthday! I Like IShouldBeWorkings comments. You should look after your knees, that's what SunScreen Song says at least.

Piley said...

any urge to try a pipe? or a huge slipper to put both feet in?!

Many happy returns, and almost half way through my 4-0's now, and have to say I've found it most liberating so far! Enjoy!


Simon said...

Thanks all.

I was given some slippers - but a pair not just the one big one...