Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pungency of cleanliness

Why do bag-using vaccuum cleaners have such a distinctive smell? The cleaner has just come and sucked up rubbish from my desk area and the whiff of the cleaner takes me straight back to my Mum's old Hoover. Which was actually a hoover and not just a case of us using the generic name for floor sucking devices. That was a venerable old upright with a green cloth bag that the paper dust bags went into and had the same distinctive odour when in use that has just filled the office. We had one in a shared-house at college that also emanated the same noxious essences. Not something I particularly miss from our Dyson.

All very quiet here at the moment with loads of projects sitting in limbo while public sector finances get sorted out so nothing else thrilling to write just now. Although I am also waiting for the phone to ring and a chap to tell me when I can pick my new car up as we finally took the plunge last night and signed on the dotted line to replace the rusting Escort. More on that another day.

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Ishouldbeworking said...

I inherited my Mum's old upright Hoover with the green bag and (as you say) distinctive smell. When we gave it away to a friend (who still uses it ten years later!) I felt like I'd betrayed my Mum.

Emotional links come from the oddest places sometimes.