Friday, April 02, 2010

Going back in time

Richard Digance
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So last night we went to see Richard Digance here in Felixstowe. He comes along to the Spa Pavillion every couple of years to take us all back to the mid-80s, when he first came to prominence, with an acoustic guitar and a good sense of humour. Terribly unfashionable of course, and if it wasn't for my brother I'd normally be the youngest person in the audience (although last night there were a couple of mere pups obviously dragged along by parents), but always good value.

Our tastes don't always agree when it comes to comedy, so it is nice to go out with the whole family and have my folks laugh as much as Joan and I do at the same things.

There is never a huge turnout at the Spa Pavillion for his shows, and he often tells us that although the numbers are small, they are at least consistant and he enjoys coming here. I know most entertainers probably say that at most places they play regularly, but I do get the impression that he means it in this case. I don't think I would ever go and see him anywhere else though, as if that is an illusion I don't want it shattered! And yes, I appreciate that this is a terrible picture, but the best I could snatch!

Definitely staying in tonight though for the return of Ashes to Ashes, then Dr Who tomorrow. I may just have to spend all day lying down in a darkened room to stop myself getting too excited.

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