Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Mixed feelings on news from the past

Just had a text from MrsB - one of our former managers from the Argos days has died, and another ex-employee I didn't know has killed himself. Not got any details, and we haven't been in contact with the manager in question for 10 years or so. But, not sure how I feel or ought to be feeling about it.

On the one hand he was actually quite an inspiring manager for me, helped me out with applications and encouraged me to go for promotions, gave me more responsibility than I should have had in store. But on the other he definitely scuppered MrsB's chances of a promotion in favour of another, was against our relationship (claiming it would never work, yet here we are 14 years of married life later) and, in theory the extra responsibilities I had could be seen as others dumping stuff on me they should have been doing themselves.

I don't know whether there is a family for my thoughts to be with or anything like that, but all told feel a little bit odd just now.

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