Friday, October 09, 2009


So, this week I have mostly been off work with a cold. Sounds pathetic really, doesn't it? I felt a bit grotty and did lots of sneezing on Sunday, struggled in on Monday then gave up half way through the day and haven't been back. I always feel guilty when I'm off sick whatever the cause, but this really does feel a bit stupid to be home with. The trouble is, when I do get a bad cold I get dizzy and have trouble staying upright.

What with hayfever and a dust-mite allergy I sneeze pretty much all year round, so can cope with that side of the business just fine. But when I can't more than a dozen steps without feeling like I could fall over or throw up, it kind of makes being in an office all day a bit tricky. And the thought of driving with it was just too much.

As such, I've done lots of sleeping, a bit of reading and watched a few old video tapes that have been sitting around waiting for me (no Sky+ here you know!). Oh, I've also consumed lots of Lemsip and done some general feeling sorry for myself. Feel almost back to normal again now so hopefully back to the real world on Monday.


Cocktails said...

Sorry you've been feeling under the weather - there is nothing wrong with taking a few days off if you feel rubbish.

And good to see that video tapes are still going strong in your house!

Simon said...

Cheers. Just about human again now so back to the grind tomorrow.