Monday, August 10, 2009

Major and Minorettes

Urp, where did that last week go?

Anyway, summer is now making a proper appearance and to go with it the carnival season is upon us. A much shorter procession than in previous years and no "extras" in the form of firework displays or concerts etc owing to the main sponsor pulling out. But then it would have been hard for them to justify pumping cash into this when staff are losing shifts.

Despite the lack of floats the majorettes were out in force. What is it that attracts girls (and indeed the occasional nervous looking young lad) to join these outfits? Most of the activities youngsters can get involved with I can sort of see a point to - cubs, scouts, brownies, even normal dance classes can add skills and things that might come in handy in later life. But what can shaking some pom poms or twirling a baton prepare you for? All the troupes have their lead car bedecked with trophies - presumably earnt through out-twirling their rivals - and lurid matching uniforms but I'm not sure why they exist other than to pad out processions and fill a ten minute slot at summer fetes.

Answers on a postcard!

And if you want to see more from Saturday just click on the girls to go through to Flickr.


Now off to Warwickshire for a few days. Travelogue when I get back.


Cocktails said...

Hello Simon, Hope you've been having a good time in Warwickshire. In your absence, I've attempted to update my blog roll and noticed that you don't have an rss feed for your blog (which is most unusual for blogger). Have you switched it off?!

Simon said...

That'll be because I've never even thought about it and never used such a feature myself! Will have to look into it.