Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer Burn 2009

So it is Summer Burn time again. For those of you who don't know about this then sorry, you've missed out for another year but keep your eyes peeled at for next year. I also organise a copycat burn at the Llamasoft forum ( bringing together a few more people in search of a bit of music-sharing fun. You are too late to jon that one as well, but again it should be back next year.

Anyway, I thought I'd put some waffle on here about my choice of music for this year in case anyone who has received a copy of my selections wants a bit more information or anyone else is just interested.

Disc The First

1 - introduction. Edited down from the welcome message on the NME Cure cover versions CD issued back in February. Robert Smith himself invites us to listen on.

2 - Jerry Keller - Here Comes Summer. I know nothing about Keller, but have this on a rock 'n' roll compilation set and it made a suitable summery start to proceedings.

3 - EMF - Long Summer Days. From the album Schubert Dip. One of my favourite bands it wasn't hip to like when I was at college due to their perceived one-hit wonder status and the ubiquity of Unbelievable. Many people are still surprised to learn they managed three albums before splitting.

4 - The Prodigy - Omen. From this year's superb Invaders Must Die set. Thought this was the best track on the album when I first heard it, and still hold that opinion.

5 - how deep. Dialogue from The Abyss.

6 - Metallica - Cyanide. First track I heard a snippet of from Death Magnetic and it stuck in my brain and wouldn't go away. Particularly attracted to the little bass noodles. Plus this came to me last year around the time my uncle comitted suicide and just resonated lyrically as well.

7 - Heaven & Hell - Rock & Roll Angel. Dio era Sabbath reform, find new name, release killer album. Had to have something on here.

8 - Iron Maiden - Can I Play With Madness. From Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son - reminds me of summer 1988 when it was first released and now of this year in the live version on Flight 666 soundtrack.

9 - Salty Dog - Lonesome Fool. I like a bit on banjo from time to time. From the album Every Dog Has Its Day.

10 - corsets. Angela Rippon helps us to shape up and dance.

11 - Muse - Man Of Mystery. They compiled a cover disc for the NME last year and recorded this Shadows cover especially for it. I like the original but also this verison, and it was time for an instrumental.

12 - Altered Images - I Could Be Happy. Was obsessed by Claire Grogan when I was younger so here's one of her best moments. From Pinky Blue.

13 - Living Colour - Type. 1991, end of the second year at College and I was bribed with a CD to get my hair cut and try to find a summer job. Time's Up was the CD and the summer job at Argos eventually lead to me meeting MrsB so in the end it was worth the sacrifice of a few inches of hair.

14 - The Monkees - Last Train To Clarksville. They may have been manufactured, and not written or even performed most of their hits, but some times the Monkees just can't be topped.

15 - Izzy Stradlin - Surf Roach. From the album 117 degrees, which is perfect for a warm summer afternoon when there's nothing else to do but sit back and play some tunes. Always was my favourite member of Guns N' Roses too.

16 - Monsterworks - Leaving Home. Found these guys on the interweb, not too keen on the vocals but this is a good interlude.

17 - Goat - Everybody Wants To Be There. Another band from my college days that disappeared without a trace. Still enjoy a spin of Medication Time every now and then though.

18 - Bomb The Bass - Liquid Metal (Fantastic 4 Mix). Tim Simenon helped me realise that dance music was not all rubbish. Original version can be found on Unknown Territories but this was a B-side.

19 - Pop Will Eat Itself - PWEIzation. B-side to Karmadrome, and I think it was also on the Very Metal Noise Pollution ep. Part of the Stourbridge trio also featuring Ned's Atomic Dustbin and The Wonder Stuff. Takes me back to Rock City in Nottingham.

20 - Unmen - Also With You. From an issue of Volume. Never found anything else by them, but I do like this.

21 - scruffy looking. I stole this snippet from the Radio Gnome Premix on the Gong rarities CD, no idea where they got it from though.

22 - Levellers - Burn America Burn. To be found on Letters From The Underground, I could listen to something by the Levellers every day and not get tired of them.

23 - Chumbawamba - Add Me. Taken from The Boy Bands Have Won, the Chumblies respond to Facebook and its ilk.

24 - Fleet Foxes - In The Hot, Hot Rays. Biggest find of last year for me, this comes from their debut ep sold at early gigs and, er, lurking on the magical electric intermaweb if you look hard enough. A nice summery tune to end this disc with.

25 - eod1. The end!

Disc The Second

1 - sagging bottoms. Some more sound advice from Angela.

2 - Whapweasel - Aren’t Crisps Brilliant? From a Rock & Reel cover disc, I know nothing more but like it.

3 - The Zutons - Valerie. Because, quite frankly, the original deserves to be heard more than the Amy Winehouse version.

4 - Chumbawamba - All Fur Coat And No Knickers. Another quick visit to the Boy Bands...

5 - Daevid Allen - Captain Shaw & Mr. Gilbert. A brief interlude of silliness before we get back to music.

6 - Angel Brothers - Django. Another Rock & Reel cover disc tune I like.

7 - The Dogs D’Amour - Drunk Like Me. From the Errol Flynn album.

8 - The Cure - Friday I’m In Love. One of those bands where I like everything I've ever heard, but never got round to investigating them properly hence at present I only own the greatest hits album. One of these days I'll invest in the whole set though, I'm sure.

9 - Johnny Marr & Billy Duffy - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Taken from the NME Ruby Trax compilation which is well worth seeking out if you can find a copy second hand. Loads of great cover versions on there.

10 - Black Grape - Kelly’s Heroes. I never really got into the Happy Mondays, but Shaun Ryder's second project and I get on quite well. This one's from It's Great When You're Straight... Yeah!

11 - The Police - Canary In A Coalmine. A bit of light-heartedness from Zenyatta Mondatta. The band I am most likely to return to if I can't decide what to listen to when staring at the wall of CDs.

12 - Jem - I Want You To... From second album Down To Earth, which quite caught me by surprise when I saw it in the shops as I assumed she was doomed to just releasing the one.

13 - Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly - In Between Days. From the NME Cure covers compilation that also provided the introduction. I'm probably far too old to be a fan of Get Cape... but I was intrigued by the name, took a chance of the first album and really found something I like. A
great mix of acoustic guitars and technology.

14 - real men. Dialogue from Torchwood Series One episode Out Of Time.

15 - New Order - Regret. See The Cure above!

16 - Chumbawamba - The Ogre. A final trip to meet the Boy Bands.

17 - Gong - Clarence In Wonderland. This comes from their Peel sessions disc and features Kevin Ayers on vocals.

18 - the world. Dialogue from Dr Who (new) Series Two episode Love & Monsters.

19 - The Prodigy - Omen Reprise. See above - they were very helpful in providing this on the album so I could re-visit the theme here!

20 - The Human League - Tell Me When (Mix 1). My favourite band to come from Sheffield, you can find the original verison on Octopus.

21 - snowball artists. Dialogue from Ghostbuster. Who you gonna call?

22 - The Wildhearts - Vanilla Radio. Single Version, also to be found on The Wildhearts Must Be Destroyed.

23 - Steve Hillage - Still Golden. From And Not Or. A sequencing cock-up here, this should have been track 25 but I didn't notice until I'd burnt the discs. Feel free to programme the CD player to make it appear in the right place.

24 - Bananarama - Venus. A feel good single, despite the Stock Aitken Waterman influence I do liek this a lot.

25 - this is an oldie. Dialogue from Back To The Future. As above, this should be swapped with Steve Hillage.

26 - Sarabeth Tucek - Good Night. The closer comes from the Mojo White Album covered set. I like to end these things with something gentle, and this is it.

Hope that tickles your tastebuds.


Peter said...

Hi Simon,

This is Peter, one of your summer burn recipients. Just listening to your CDs now (my only CD player is my laptop believe it or not.) There's lots of good stuff I have not heard before so I'm grateful. It certainly puts my shabby single disc effort in the shade!

Thanks again,


Simon said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying it.

I can't imagine life without dc players in every room, but that's me.

Not had a chance to listen to yours yet, but the weekend is here and it looks like a fascinating selection. Certainly a bit more left field than mine.

Simon said...

Or even CD players!

Shay said...

Hey Simon,
it's Shay, your other summer burn recipient. just finished listening to your mix, good stuff.
lots of things I've never heard, so thanks.

BTW, I'm back home and I finally overcame all the obstacles of the shitty Israeli postal service so my summer burn is already on its way to you.

hope you like it,


Simon said...

Excellent news. Will keep my eyes out for it.