Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random updates

Just some bits that need to get out of my head...

So the BBC Springwatch is nearly over for another year (just some round up shows and the web stuff). I have really enjoyed watching it this year. Lots of wonderful shots of nature at its best. And even better, Tawny has watched it too. I've never known her take an interest in the TV before, but she has paid close attention, tried to grab at the birds on screen and generally sat right in front of the telly every night. Almost as interesting to watch her as the show.

Apart from the occasional torrential downpour and thunder storm, the weather seems to be finally picking up now, which is nice. Unfortunately it also means the start of the really unsuitable clothes season in Ipswich. While we seem to see someone wearing shorts whenever we go out, whatever time of year, the legs of the world are now coming out to play. And some of them really ought not. Never mind the expansive bellys and other bits and bobs that get revealed to all and sundry by summer clothes. I know I am no oil painting and could lose a pound or two, but I do try to keep the unsightly bits hidden away. Do these people not have mirrors? I'll admit that some of the ladies do suit the summer, but for the majority - put it away, please!

Still, the weather has meant I've been able to get out and about with some walking. Over the last seven days I've managed 69,392 steps - which is a whisker over 9916 per day so almost at the magic 10,000. OK, so those seven include two under 7k and two over 13k but on average things are looking up. The four week rolling average is now at 7865 and the overall has reached 7088 (grand total up to today of 744,247). I might have to start doing some other exercise as well soon in order to start the arduous task of shrinking my stomach. Maybe I'll even eat better one of these years as well...

And finally for today, why do people insist on pushing buttons that are already pushed? Pedestrian crossings, lifts - the button to cross or for the ground floor is already pushed and lit up, yet new comers still insist on giving it another push. It won't speed things up! SIlly fools.

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