Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not a diary

Just thought I'd mention, should anyone wonder, that I've not brought this back in order to keep it up as a diary as happened in the past. That was never my intention last time and somehow it slipped into a list of things I'd been up to rather than a place to get my thoughts down in words.

So don't expect daily posts and details of what we had for tea - unless it was something worth writing about of course! I do intend to go back to talking about the books I read, music I listen to and so forth though in amongst more discursive posts.

To that end, right now I have stuck Media Player on a random trawl through the music on the hard drive and so far have experienced:

808 State - Timebomb (Fon Mix)
Interference - Overload (Live)
Back To The Planet - Teenage Turtles (Extended Version)
A snippet of an interview between Jeremy from the Levellers and Simon Munnery, and
Hot Chocolate - Are You Getting Enough Happiness.
Which goes to prove something about which CDs I've ripped but quite what I'm not sure!

Tonight I have also listened to the latest Collings and Herrin Podcast (I get them here, but you can also find them on iTunes) as created by Andrew Collins and Richard Herring. For now suffice it to say that I enjoy them terribly and that Mr C's three volumes of memoirs are some of my favourite books and will probably get their own post at some point. Give the podcast a go if you can spare one hour, six minutes and thirty six second smetime.

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