Thursday, June 03, 2004

Busy week (as usual) when at home and at work. Weekend was long as a Bank Holiday was included on Monday, but Joan had to work Sat/Sun so we still only ended up with one day off together. So I did elements of the ususal relaxing and ironing but also lots of sniffling and sneezing as I seem to have picked up a streaming cold from somewhere (which is thankfully now almost cleared up). Monday we went up to Wyevale at Woodbridge and bought some plants and stuff for Mum's birthday present as well as some new wall baskets for us. They look quite nice in place and should look even better when the plants have grown a bit!

Tuesday in the office getting to grips with stuff. Still not sure what I'm doing half the time, but at least Chris has apologised for not being able to give me any formal training - rather we are tackling stuff as and when it arises. Doesn't really give me the best grounding but it will have to do.

Then yesterday was Suffolk Show day. The weather stayed fine (in fact I am now bright pink again), we got the bus there and back and generally had a good time. I admit I did get a bit bored wandering through some of the retail areas but the animals and so forth more than made up for that. I still wouldn't want to go every year though - we last went in 2000 and I can't say there was all that much different to look at. Pictures in the usual place soon.

Today back here struggling to define some routes. But Joan is on a course in town today so at least I was able to travel in with her and will have company on the way home too (as well a possibly an excuse to leave early!).

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