Tuesday, May 11, 2004

They didn't win anything once again - not in any of the games and the big draw prize went to the club in Edinburgh. And now Helen wants Joan to go again (although to Felixstowe not Ipswich) on Wednesday. Time to call in Gamblers Anonymous I reckon.

Not sure if Joan will be going though - she has been having real problems with one of her teeth - had it crowned and all sorts - and last night the blessed thing snapped off. Hopefully she will be able to get in with the dentist and get it fixed one way or another, but I feel so sorry for her going through all the pain and hassle.

Still floundering a bit in the new job, but also got plenty to do and read. I just don't quite understand it all yet. I'll get there in time though I'm sure.

Wrote that lot a couple of hours ago. And since then I have actually done something properly realted to the new job - persuaded one of our sponsored service operators to extend a contract he was planning to cancel for an extra month. This way it will tie in with some other changes we are working on for the same area. OK, so it was the bus company run by someone who used to do this very job and I've known him for 6 years, but its a start!

Finished The Wee Free Men yesterday. As I said, very good. Hard to say anything else about mr P really as he is just so consistently worth reading. Am now reading a biography of Graham Norton by Alison Bowyer. Not an official one so while she has tracked down assorted family and friends most of it is cut & paste from other interviews and articles. An entertaining read if not overly taxing (I only started it last night and have whipped through over 120 pages already!)...

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