Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Marvellous, forgot all my passes today - building, P&R and shuttle bus. So I've had to pay to get here (but only because I wanted to get the same bus as normal rather than wait and get a freebie off the supervisor), sign in and will no doubt have further awkwardness when I have to go out later. Fool. Mind you, I am definitely suffering big time from nerves over the new job - not sleeping at all well for starters - even though Chris wanted me for it. I'm sure it will all come out alright in the end, but for now it is doing my head in. Oh well, only got to get through today and tomorrow then five days off before the change.

Yesterday we had a training session on the new mPlan software we are supposed to be using to help plan routes and areas of need etc in the future. They have been working on-and-off on the project since 1988 or thereabouts and we still don't anticipate it being useful this side of Christmas. Plus they had the brother Richard down as the IT contact for it, and when I spoke to him last night he'd never heard of it. I will say no more! The strangest thing, though, was that we were back in St Edmund House for the day. That was very strange. We've only been here a month but the old place seemed so grotty and dirty and falling apart at the seams... A pity some of the more persistent complainers about this place couldn't have come along to see the contrast now they are used to the new. It was also very odd when I dropped my new, signed contract in to personnel - most of the building is empty at the moment before they move in the people from other buildings who are not coming over here. Very odd.

And then we had to go and walk the dog with Helen as Bhupen and Alexander were away for the night. A nice evening and we ended up getting some chips on the way home, just to be naughty! I think they might have contributed to the not sleeping very well either.

Right, time to crack on with timetable proof checking.

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