Sunday, March 14, 2004

What a week (well, OK 5 days) this has been. Saddened but not at all surprised by the trains being blown up in Madrid. I was wondering if something like this was due to come along soon, and looks like I was right. I know I shouldn't be relieved that it happened in Spain rather than over here, but can't help feeling it. Of course the natural result was for people to start demanding airport-style luggage checks on all rail passengers. Like that will ever happen, we have maybe 15 to 20 international airports in the UK, and over 2,000 railway stations. Many of which are unstaffed and with no building more substantial than a shelter on a platform. So even if the will was found the money would never be available to resolve the issue. Such a mixed up and depressing world we live in some days.

I've been just as busy as ever at work, meeting sales reps, sorting out timetables and the usual. Sonic back on Thursday after another week off. Turns out the baby has some gland or other not functioning properly, but they know how to manage the situation now. Good news, even if it does mean she'll be on one tablet or another for life.

Charles had a meeting at the new place and took a camera with him. So now we have all had a better look at Endeavour House the feelings of dread and foreboding are closing in more and more. It really does look cramped and industrially drab (lots of grey steel cabinets all over the place), and there are several flaws in the layout as well. Still, the decision has been made and we are moving whether we like it or not. I am down there on Tuesday morning for a proper induction so will take my own camera as well as trying to get a proper feel for the place.

Finished Science of Discworld II today. Enjoyed it thoroughly and think I grasped all the science bits. Will probably need to be read again to make proper sense of it though. Have now started The Piranha Club by Timothy Collings which is all about the power struggles at the top in Formula One over the last few years (but also looking back to the '60s). Looking good so far. Oh, and we watched Finding Nemo today which was brilliant, although the disc is faulty so that will have to go back tomorrow.

And Joan is now off at the bingo so I will have another few minutes on the exercise bike she just bought...

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