Friday, March 26, 2004

Well, all around is chaos and crates as the packing progresses. Everything I want to take with me is now safely stowed and it is only just after 11. All I have left to do is to disconnect the Zip Drive from my PC as I'm moving that myself. OK, so I have overflowed from my permitted three crates into one of Matt's but there you go, such is life. And he only needed one anyway. Nothing else to do now except sit and wait it out.

Finished Dragon Prince last night and was suprised by how much of what I can remember from the series as a whole actually
happened in the first book. But I have resisted temptation to dive straight in to book 2. Instead I have picked up British Modern -
Graphic Design Between The Wars
by Steven Heller and Louise Fili which won't take all that long to read as it is mostly
reproductions of posters and products but very interesting all the same. And if I ever get round to it likely to be liberally scanned for
wallpaper use...

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