Monday, November 03, 2003

Grrrrrrrrrr. Another two hours at Argos last night waiting for alarm engineers (and again we attracted a security guard and three police people). That was after a pretty good day when we had been lazy in the morning then visited Makro for some stocking up on boring but useful stuff (cat food, loo roll, you know the score). Kind of left a grim taste in the mouth after the enjoyment we'd had earlier.

Today has been pretty good too apart from the early start. My bus was in Framlingham and after we finally got there (long story involving forgotten leaflets and diversions to Martlesham site) we had a welcome response level. People knew we were going to be there and wanted to know about the site. I hope they translate into users. Course tomorrow then more bussing weds and thurs before deliveries on fri.

Tomorrow is also our 8th wedding anniversary. Where does the time go so fast?

Full report on all the week's activities when I have the energy to write it...

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