Thursday, November 20, 2003

And another big post-gap. Seems this is becoming a habit.

Anyway, had a pretty good weekend all told. Last two days of Joan's week off so we were able to spend some quality time together getting stuff sorted and done and so forth. Saturday night we went out with Ma, Pa & Richard to the Beagle for dinner in advance of Dad's birthday on the Sunday. Very nice it was too. Especially as the last time we went
there was before the mouth treatment started, and going there again proved it was over (well, almost over - see below).

Then Sunday we got Christmas underway in earnest. No, really. Sat down and printed off the majority of the address labels for cards, started looking at what presents we already had and what we might buy for people, sorted out our finances to make sure we can pay for it all and watched Scrooge. Joan's favourite film and one she probably watches 3 or 4 times a year, but especially in November and December. Mind you, Sunday was also the Christmas lights switch-on in Ipswich but even though we were running Park & Ride free we stayed away. Probably a good thing we did too after hearing the reports after the event. Despite encouraging people to take it easy and go for a coffee after the magic moment they all decided to go home instead. So all the buses were packed, people had to wait and tempers flared. Glad I wasn't caught up in it all.

Monday it was back to the Dentist in Colchester. I thought this was the review to see how it all went, but instead it was a clean-up and quick check things were OK with me. Now I can go back to normal cleaning and seeing my own hygenist before the actual review in February. So another three months of slight uncertainty over what's going on in my mouth. But they do want the rest of the money now not then so I guess he must be fairly confident it worked.

Tuesday was just a normal day in here, with no alarms or excursions to mention. Then yesterday I was up to Norwich for an ATCO meeting. Should have been down to Crawley to look at their new busways but they cried off and we ended up staying local (for me). Which was nice as I was able to take Joan to work and pick her up as normal. Low turnout (only 6 counties!) but we got through loads of stuff and actually got opinions out of everyone who was there, rather than the usual blank looks from most representatives. Plus bits of it will be useful as the basis for a report I have to write here.

Tonight we are off to the Spa to see Richard Digance, which should be amusing.

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