Saturday, October 18, 2003

Well, Tuesday was pretty much a complete waste of time. OK, so Aldeburgh may not be the busiest town on a windy autumn day, but during the 4 hours or so we managed to put up with sitting around in the Library we only gave out 4 P&R leaflets and spoke to about 6 people. Hopeless. I don't think they actually told anyone we were going to be there, which didn't help of course. Still, got a nice lunch out of it.

Wednesday we had the secured car park inspection for Martlesham and passed, then another operations meeting in the afternoon which went well.

Thursday I had the day off to relax with Joan. Partly because I was simply knackered and needed a day off and partly to use up some hours. Only been back from holiday three weeks and already managed to build up two days worth of flexi time. And no prospect of that letting up until after Martlesham opens now so I thought I'd better have a day when I still could. So we did some shopping and washed the car but otherwise took it easy.

Yesterday it was back into the thick of launch planning and working out distribution for the books when they get here. And now today I have ironed a bit and will be off to pick Joan up when she finishes at 3 for a lazy rest of the day.

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