Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Teeth and Travel

Oh how embarrassing - the inner gunge fell out of my mouth this morning just while I was in conversation with Dawn and Ian and Ray about our New Routes stuff. To make matters worse there is a really tight bit of thread exposed now - stretching across the gum which my tongue keeps wandering on to. And the whole jaw is still aching in a most unpleasant fashion. Still, only a few more days until they come out so I guess I will be OK.

Off to Brighton (& Hove) tomorrow for an ATCO publicity meeting. First one I've managed to get to since last year so hopefully all will go smoothly with the trains and so forth. Mind you it has been a scorcher again today so the chances are high for melting rails and sagging power cables to put a damper on things. Dawn is coming too though so at least we will be able to suffer together through any problems (and I will put up with the extra weight to take my book I think!).

Forgot to mention yesterday - after arriving at Gatwick at 1.30 pm for a 4.30 flight on Sunday Helen and co were told their tickets had been printed wrong and they weren't flying until 5.30 - and then other delays kept them on the ground until 8. Not the best way to start a holiday so I hope it doesn't prove to be an omen for us. Certainly there are no rumours of the French going on strike at the moment. Fingers are crossed.

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