Monday, July 28, 2003

Payday for Joan today, hooray. I'm sure life is supposed to get easier as you get older, but we still seem to be lurching from one payday to the next rather than being on a sound footing which does rather get me down some days. We shall survive as always, but it is getting a bit tedious always having money on the mind. Still, perhaps I will get lucky with a form one of these days.

Ended up blitzing the spare bedroom and study yesterday with much moving of furniture, disposal of rubbish (including one of the old wardrobes) and so forth. So pretty exhausted by the end of the day. But still managed a mundane existence dream - this time I was putting up shelves in Ma & Pa's garage to house an unexpected windfall of CDs. Very odd, and once again surely a sign that I need to get a more exciting life.

Had a meeting at the Station in advance of them closing the tunnel NEXT summer this morning to start the process of sorting where all the coaches and buses will go for the duration and up to Marltesham Park & Ride this afternoon. Hey ho.

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