Sunday, July 06, 2003

OK, so I could have written stuff on Thursday at work, and have had two days at home since then too but haven't. Blame extreme laziness or something on my part. Anyway, not actually much to say until we get to Friday afternoon. Basically on Thursday I wrote a few letters and crossed a few things off my to-do list so I could get away with having Friday off. Then on Friday morning I just pottered around the house doing thrilling ironing and stuff to take my mind off what was to come.

Didn't really work in that respect as by the time I walked in to town to meet Joan for lunch I was totally wound up with nerves and feeling more than a little tense. Still, it had to be done so when Mum turned up to drive me down to Colchester I managed to force myself in to the car. And promptly fell asleep on the A12. One day I will find out why that road does that to me.

Not sure why knowing what was to happen and having survived it pretty much OK should be more worrying than the unknown but there you have it. I got in the chair, got numbed up and he got on with it. Lower left this time and I can now see why he wanted the wisdom teeth out of the way. Man, there was some serious rummaging around going on in there. And today my face is still swollen like a balloon and tender to the touch. Thank heavens for soft food.

So yesterday I really wasn't up for much activity. In fact after getting up for some breakfast when Joan left for work I went back to bed again and swiftly slept through until 1130 which was nice. In fact I'm sure I could do the same again today if I let myself. Maybe after lunch. Then Richard came round for some Cubing in the afternoon before I collected Joan for a nice relaxed evening.

Which brings us up to date again. Joan once more at work, rain once more falling and I've been shopping and will now do a spot of ironing, lunch, web, more ironing etc until the time comes to pick her up...

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