Thursday, March 20, 2003

0944: OK, so we are at war with Iraq again. It is reet foggy here. I feel like throwing up and generally unwell. I wonder if things could get any worse? Probably but we will try not to dwell on that. Still, Richard is at work so I can't be worse than him. In fact, I refuse to be!

Yesterday was mainly taken up with sorting timetables out and the big full group New Routes meeting hence no time to waffle here. Not that there was anything to waffle about really. Even dreams have been as simple as moving offices around (although I did have an old BBC micro instead of my current PC) and a chase through a Canadian department store. Nowt spectacular.

We did watch Road to Perdition last night though. Joan bought it on Monday after we had been to the dentist. I had merely expressed surprise at it being out on DVD already and she decided it might help cheer me up. Something like that anyway. A superb film though, with yet another top performance from Tom Hanks. Some actors I find trouble seeing beyond the familiar face to the character beneath but he always manages to sell the role to me. And Paul Newman was also wonderful. Must seek out some more of his films.

1110: Still feel like death warmed up. I thought I was over all this crap. After all, this is week six now of the every other day business. And I'm pretty sure it isn't a case of the much suspected "Joan's at home" syndrome (her name, after she also mentioned that on Saturday she might well be suffering from Simon's at home syndrome). Mind you, some "being looked after" would go down a treat just now.

I am also at the stage of getting frustrated by delays again. All the timetables that are confirmed I have processed but I stil have some irritating gaps in the network to plug. Half of them are simply waiting for an operator to say yes and the rest are because we need to show bits of those routes on other ones that are sorted out. Still, plenty of magazines to stave off the boredom.

1155: Time for a bit to eat and a walk in the fresh air to see if that will sort me out!

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