Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Time must have flown yesterday without me realising it for I seem to have not written anything on here. Mind you, there wasn't really very much to write about.

Monday night we had a very nice dinner but nothing else to report of interest and yesterday was much the same all day. We did have a half hour blizzard during the afternoon but nothing settled to hamper the drive home. They are forecasting large amounts of snow sometime between now and the weekend but no sign of it falling from the heavens as yet. Plenty of short, sharp and very wet rain showers, but none of the white fluffy stuff.

Am now a good way in to Otherland and beginning to get the basics of a plot appearing from out of the character introductions. Seems pretty complex and I am sure I have many more people to meet as yet. Of course what I really need now is for the lighter evenings due in a couple of months so I can sit and read outside Argos of an evening while waiting for Joan to lock up.

I seem to be eating more at work than I probably should at the moment. Not sure I can blame anyone but myself either if I turn into a huge amorphous blob of lard as a result of it. Am managing to resist the Alberts option but am pigging out on biscuits and cakes instead. I ought to just be able to say no thanks when other people bring cakes in (three instances inthe last week, and only one of them related to a birthday) but am just too weak-willed. God help me if they ever open an American style donut shop in Ipswich.

Today is Bhupen's birthday so we are going up there after tea to give him his presents. I was hoping to get on the PC and download the contents of the camera but I guess that will now have to wait for tomorrow.

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