Monday, December 02, 2002

Holy Cow, December is here. Which means suddenly houses across the world (OK, I might be exaggerating a bit there) are sprouting gaudy illuminations and shiny things. Some of them are actually quite nice in a restrained, small number of colours and not too many daft figures kind of way. The ones dripping with Santas and Snowmen and Reindeer are not my real cup of tea but those done up with tasteful icicle things and highlights do make me very happy indeed. Not that we will be doing wild things on the outside of our house but there will be lights in some of the windows nearer to Christmas.

Mind you, having spent the weekend doing further interior decorating I am quite happy to leave the outsides for other people anyway. We eventually settled on a colour known as Hot Parika for the lounge. And as it only needed one coat I will be able to return one of the pots of paint tonight for a refund. Which is always nice. Got the glossing done and the CD shelves up as well so now we just need to sort out a few finishing touches and wait for the carpet to arrive. Hope to hear about that today.

So now I am just thinking of ways to get through today and home to finish off with sanity intact.

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