Monday, December 16, 2002

And another weekend has been and gone in a flash. Well, if we are being strictly honest more of a damp grey blur as the sun never really came out and there was far too much rain for anything really flashlike.

Anyway, I digress. But what's new there?

Saturday started a bit later than usual owing to Joan having worked late on Friday night and thus not needing to go in ather normal hour. Then it was a quick trip to the shops to pick up the mats made form the dining room carpet offcuts and to the doctors to put in a prescription request.

The rest of the day saw me pretty much chained to the ironing board. OK, not literally chained but you know what I mean. Richard came along and drove the PC/MD side of getting some music recorded off the hard drive and all went pretty well. In the evening I got the player back down again to record Elton John at the Royal Opera House off the TV.

Yesterday was a very Christmassy day. Went out and shopped for loads of bits and treats and also a tree. Yup, finally done the deed and gone for a real growing in a pot one rather than the plastic one from the loft. It looks really good with all the lights and stuff on. Also put up the lights in the window and also new for this year some for the front garden. I'd like to stick a few up on the house itself but a morbid fear of falling off high ladders somehow puts me off. Gone for a restrained look with the rest of the decs this year though and it all looks very nice.

Another dull grey day today to complete the set. This has lead once again to low motivation here but I have done a few useful things.

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