Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Blinkin' 'orrible rainy wet gloomy miserable day. On the brighter side we have now seen every timetable and almost got the books finished. About bloody time too.

Picked up my Pix and also seen the ones taken digitally last friday. No good ones of me but I will stick a few up somewhere for people to look at sometime. Some surprises on my film too - I'd forgotten how long it has been in the camera. And Jessops did a pretty good job so I will use them for a while (they give a free film with every one they develop too).

Have also put a subscription form in the post for F1 Racing. They finally have a freebie worth getting - Murray Walker's new autobiography rather than a baseball cap or T shirt. Hopefully they won't have run out before mine is processed. Will work out cheaper for the magazine too even if I will miss out on the WH Smiths points.

Time to go now and sit outside Argos waiting for Joan.

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