Thursday, September 05, 2002

Joan came back all clear from her appointment, and I have also had a similar response from my blood tests, so I guess we are just tired and in need of a break. Which we are now having, so that should do the trick.

Anyway, yesterday was more notable for the non-work than the work stuff. In the morning I had a meeting with my former colleague Richard at Ipswich Borough to sort out joint publicity for car parks/park & ride from now to Christmas which went OK. My main aim from it though was to be at his end of town come lunch time for a change. I wanted to check out a couple of second hand cd/dvd/game shops that are just too far to walk in normal circumstances. One of them proved to be a total waste of time, but the other did have 1 Lynx game so I snapped up Hydra for £3. Still in the original shrink-wrap. I also picked up Tomb Raider 2 and got number 3 thrown in free to boot.

After lunch was another town centre gyratory meeting where we finally managed to get the facts right on the leaflets and adverts. Which was good as they go to press tomorrow.

Then it was home early to start being off!

Joan went to Bingo in Ipswich (and won nothing) so I had a fiddle around on here and played some games on the N64.

Today we have been taking things easy to a degree. Done some ironing. Taken the car in for a service and am now annoyed with them as they phoned to say the front brake pads needed replacing. Now it was only pre-sales checked and MOTd 2 weeks ago so I find it a bit hard to believe that they passed it with brake pads that were only good for another 300 miles or so. Can't decide whether to make a fuss when I pick it up or write a stroppy letter and try to get money refunded.

Joan is getting her back cracked at the moment and I ought to be doing some more ironing.

Tonight we are taking Ma & Pa out for a Chinese meal in town as it was their wedding anniversary at the weekend. Will report on that next time. We are also making a few plans for things to do while we are off. On Tuesday we are going to France for the day. A horribly early start (got to be in Ipswich for 6) but it will be a laugh all the same. Only shopping rather than seeing any sights but at least it is abroad. We also plan to go to London either on Saturday or Monday depending on other circumstances.

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