Friday, September 13, 2002

Hey, the Levellers single was absolute top notch. I have high hopes for the album now after the slightly disappointing last one (Hello Pig). Roll on the end of the month and payday and it being released (the same day as the new WiLDHEARTS single). Mind you, there is still no news as to whether we will actually get our pay rise this month or not.

Joan has now been signed off work for at least 10 days by the doctor. I think she is doing a bit better in terms of pain now, but still not good. Hopefully the nice sunshine flooding down at the moment will be helping.

Watched Groundhog Day last night. One of my all time favourite films of all time that one. Bill Murray is just superb in conveying the different emotions as the day repeats again and again. Also got me thinking about things I'd do if I were in that situation, but nothing they don't mention in the film comes to mind. OK, so it would be useful to catch up on the backlog of books and films I want to go through - but only if they had them in the town.

I think of all thew fictional devices like that (including things like mind reading, time cameras, being able to change shape etc) the most useful would be that from The Fermata by Nicholson Baker. In that the lead character has the ability to stop time. He mainly uses it to take women's clothes off and gawp at them, but I think I can find some more constructive uses for it. Just to be able to stop everything to get my head straight or to take a nap at times would be quite nice. And again the chance to do stuff for myself would be welcome. Oh well, reality is all we've got so I'll just have to stick with it.

This morning has been fairly average. Had Maria from Pindar pay us a visit and I am now a bit clearer on what went on during my absence. No happier about how it was handled but still glad it wasn't me who had to make the fatal decision.

The last two mornings have also made me realise just how long I've been in this job - the longest I've done in any one location now. Part of the routine has been checking where other people are when I travel in as a test on whether I'm on time or running late. And since the schools went back while I was off it has been odd seeing another new load of small brats waiting for buses. But more freaky was the realisation that some I've been seeing since I started here weren't there because they've left school. Well, I thought it was odd anyway.

Not sure how the weekend will work out. All depends upon how Joan is feeling I guess. Hopefully we will at least be able to get out in the sun if it shines. But I don't feel we'll be travelling far from home.

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