Tuesday, July 23, 2002

Despite feeling like a complete Zombie by the time I got home (and falling asleep on the sofa for an hour) I am not too bad today and even made it in to work before 830 for a change. Only by 2 minutes mind, but that's all that you need!

We finally got the grill wotsit up and running last night, and the results were very tasty indeed. Might just have to use it again tonight. Or possibly it will be a toasted sandwich kind of feel to the food. More news on that when it happens!

Another good bit from yesterday was that in the 269 messages was one letting me off any financial implications of car scraping. That was a big load off the mind I can confirm. Having had run ins with the neighbours over car issues I certainly didn't want to get embroilled with a stranger on that issue. Why do cars create such hassle?

Am now halfway down the stack of bus registrations so might have all the details off to the printers by the time I go home tonight. I will of course drive carefully and make sure I avoid any pigs that might be flying past. Still plenty of other things in the in-tray to deal with, but nothing that can't wait a couple more days. And have got a van booked for a day out of the office on Friday, so hopefully today's rain will only be a blip in the nice weather we've been having.

Being back at work has also meant a return to in car music. Yesterday was By Your Side by The Black Crowes and today has seen a Chumbawamba B-sides and rarities compilation I knocked up myself with (would ya believe) Geri Haliwell (Scream If You Wanna Go Faster) to get me home again. Never say I don't have a wide taste.

I have even managed to get up the town today - where I realised what it was that was nagging at me after getting in to work with no traffic for two days in a row. The bloody kids are off school for the summer now. The place was full fo the little horrors. Still, I got what I went out for - Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio DVD and also an unexoected bonus of The Big Blue which is a film about divers and dolphins and stuff that was recommended on the Llamasoft forums this morning. Well, it was only £8 on the market so I thought I'd take the chance. Joan even agrees with me there so we will hopefully not be disappointed. Back to timetables now...

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