Friday, April 26, 2002

The rain has returned at last, which is great for the farmers and gardens and stuff, but a bugger for traffic congestion. Then Joan is on a course here in Ipswich today so I gave her a lift. She then managed to drop her phone getting out of the car and has apparently broken it - but it was OK to call me on and tell me it was broken so perhaps we can save it. Wonder if anything else will go pear shaped today.

Yesterday we had a grumpy delivery driver who brought 40 boxes of timetable cases then refused to take them where we wanted, dumping them in reception instead. What a git. It got me some more fresh air moving them, but not how I'd planned to spend half the afternoon!

Made up for it with a nice evening though - did our first "summer" favourite. After Joan had been to her osteopath we got chips and sat down at the port viewing area for tea. A lovely, sunny evening with ships coming in and out and a front row parking slot. Absolutely glorious and another reason I would not want to move away from Felixstowe. Tonight we have been invited to Ma & Pa's for dinner. Don't think there is any particular reason or ulterior motive bnehind it. Although they are about to have a major extension built on the house so perhaps they want to get one last nice family meal in before the disruption starts.

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