Thursday, March 14, 2002

Tuesday had its ups and downs. The down was definitely the dentist. Well, hygenist for the first treatment proper on the sequence mentioned previously. The scraping and whatever was OK, but I seem to have a slight reaction to the anaesthetics that just leaves me dizzy. All fun and games. Ups were the carpet arriving and getting some drawers together. Really is looking nice in there now. Pity there is still no bed or wardrobes (and they now say they are out of stock so we might have to wait longer. Better turn up before our guests do!).

Had a design meeting for Martlesham Park & Ride yesterday. We are looking at an eco-friendly building with grass roof, rainwater toilets etc. Could be very interesting in the final mix. Watch this space!

Am currently waiting for a call to go over and provide back-up for a Park & Ride report going to one of the council panels this morning. Trouble is, I really need some up to date passenger information which I'm also waiting for. I just hope they get to me in the right order! Got another mention in the paper yesterday about the Charter Mark. That makes three now from one press release. Talk about value for money.

Finally got around to listening to the Alien Ant Farm cd I got for my birthday. I like. Another one for the recommended pile I'm afraid.

Also finished the '96 yearbook and now on to Harry Potter 2. Enjoying it more than the first as I don't know what's going to happen this time. Good surprise factor so far.

Time to go and hassle for my figures I think.

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